Nelson County, Virginia Elections

Electoral Board

Electoral Board and General Registrar

The Electoral Board is composed of three members who are appointed by a majority of Circuit Court Judges serving Nelson. They serve a three-year staggered term. Representation is given to the “…two political parties having the the highest and next to highest number of votes in the Commonwealth for Governor at the last preceding gubernatorial election.” Virginia Election Law 24.2-106

The Electoral Board appoints the General Registrar who serves a four-year term. The General Registrar and Assistant Registrar are responsible for registering people to vote, maintaining official registration records, educating the public about voter registration, and together with the Electoral Board and Officers of Election, administering elections for the County of Nelson.

Electoral Board Members

The next Electoral Board meeting is schedule for Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 10:00 AM in the Office of the Registrar located at 571 Front Street, Lovingston.

Electoral Board meeting minutes

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